Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mary's 27th Birthday Bash

My dear friend Mary celebrated her 27th birthday in May.  Some of her closest gals met for dinner to celebrate.  Since her birthday was just about a year from the date of her bachelorette party in 2009, I couldn't resist commemorating that weekend with an "Eagle River Reunion" theme.  (Her cousins hosted her bach party at their cabin in Eagle River, WI, and we all had the time of our lives!).  The blue and green colors seemed to fit the theme - think beautiful blue lake and sky and fresh green grass and trees . . . ahhh, paradise.  Check out the details below!

We toasted the beginning of Mary's 28th year on the patio at Piccolo Sogno.  The outdoor seating at this restaurant is fabulous!  It makes me feel like I am on vacation in Italy.  Always a good thing!
Here is a view of the (crowded) tablescape . . .

Since my on-site photography skills leave much to be desired, I captured some pictures of the favors before the event.  I filled my favorite plain jane cello bags with delicious chocolate peanut butter fudge from Eagle River's very own Tremblay's Sweet Shop.  YUM!  Good thing this party planner ordered extra :-) 

In order to spice up the goodie bags, I included a map of Eagle River and the surrounding chain of lakes, as well a picture of the birthday girl on a recipe card for "Skip and Go Naked" cocktails (also known as "Summer Brew").  These drinks brought us many fond memories last May!

Spider Mums are my new favorite flower!  They are hearty and affordable and last forever!  This little arrangement is still alive and kickin' 3 weeks later.  I used a tip from the May 2009 edition of Martha and made a lattice pattern with scotch tape on the top of the little votive holders I found at World Market.  The tape helped keep the flowers in place.  And finally, a coordinating green bow and matching coasters from Third Coast Sisters completed the look!  I used three identical floral arrangements for our table. 

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  1. Oh, and I couldn't agree more re: spider mums! I love love them! I still have some kicking from Ella's bday party!