Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Festivus

Although we really don't have space for another thing (sorry Mr. B!), I thought our little abode needed some red, white and blue lovin' in celebration of the upcoming holiday weekend.  I absolutely love the 4th of July.  To me, this holiday signals that summer is in full swing, and that is a VERY good thing in my book!  Friends, BBQ, cocktails, fireworks, festive attire, time off work . . . can't wait until we move into that "big girl" house one day and have space to host a 4th paaaartay!  

Patriotic centerpiece rigged from flag goodies found on sale at Michaels Crafts and sparkly red tissue paper.

Festive coasters with our "B" monogram from the one and only Third Coast Sisters. . . forgive me for the sales pitch ;-)

Petite red floral arrangement in an all-American mason jar with a little red and navy ribbon bow.  Whole Foods seems to always have these rose, gerbera daisy & hypericum berry bouquets in various colors.  I  used the yellow variety for the Doublemint Party.  I think they make perfect and affordable DIY floral arrangements!

I am a total sucker for wine that is bottled with clever labels.  Check out these two lovelies I snagged at Whole foods, both right around $10/bottle.  Jam Jar  is a "sweet Shiraz" (I will let you read up about that one).  As advertised, this wine was definitely sweet for a red . . . almost too sweet for my taste, but I'd imagine that some would really enjoy it.  Love the red and white gingham foil!  I spotted this Jam Jar at World Market as well.  I also fell for the Charles & Charles "Red 2007" wine's label - maybe an imaginative stretch since I am in the holiday spirit, but I think it looks like an American Flag.  We haven't uncorked this bottle yet, so I will save you from my amateur review! ;-) 

As a finishing touch, I spruced up our hallway ledges with these homemade flags, inspired by a craft project on Paper Source's blog.  I exchanged the plain cardstock for blue & red damask and red & white polka dot patterned paper I found at my dear little store.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the weekend!

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