Thursday, September 9, 2010

One-Year Wedding Anniversary Tribute

Wow - so hard to believe our wedding was just about a year ago!  Where has the time gone?  At this time last year I was spending every extra minute coordinating the final touches of our wedding day.  These pictures represent some of the details that made our "big day" extra special to us.  Enjoy!

I asked each bridesmaid to pick their own navy dress to reflect their own personal style, in hopes they would actually wear the dresses again.  We gifted the guys navy and pink striped ties, and asked them to wear navy blazers and khaki slacks.  The groom and his bro (our officiant) wore ties in coordinating versions of navy and pink.
Somehow I convinced Mr. B to wear navy and pink argyle socks!  Wedding magic . . .



Cocktail Hour:
(a cardboard coaster posed with the flowers)


Party Favors: Flip Flops & Cupcakes for takeout (or eat in!).
Ahh, such a memorable day spent with family, dear friends and the most special person of all, my new hubby.  A perfect kickoff to a great year, and a happy life as man and wife!