Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honky Tonk Party Favors

Check out these totally silly party favors I made for my friend's hubby Hap's 29th birthday.  She gave me very loose guidelines:  a sweet treat to match the theme of his BBQ birthday dinner.

During a stroll down Walgreens' candy aisle, I found Boston Baked Beans on mega sale.  Baked beans go with BBQ, right?! (right?!)  After trips to four Walgreens stores, I had enough boxes for the favors.  (note:  Before this project, I had never actually tasted BBB.  Only after I finished the favors did I break into an extra box and realize how gross they taste.  Interesting that all four Walgreens checkout employees got VERY excited when they learned they were only 19 cents/box.  Thankfully some people like these little creatures!)  I digress . . . 

Doctoring up these boxes was simple.  I made a label to change "Boston" to "Potter's" with a tagline of "A Texas Original Since 1982" (Hap is from Texas and was born in '82) and affixed it with double stick tape.  I printed a "happy birthday" message on Paper Source's paper bag card stock and used a 3-inch circle punch to create a tag.  After finishing the tag with an eyelet, I attached it to the box with twine.

Happy Birthday, Hap!  Last birthday before fatherhood!  :-)

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